In 1996 Simon Low (Loew) was appointed as Chair of Engineering Geology at ETH Zurich after completing his PhD and a ten-year period in industry. During the last 23 years he has developed a cutting-edge research and teaching program in Engineering Geology. The main research interests of Simon Low at ETH concern hydro-mechanical processes in fractured rocks at project relevant scales. Major ongoing research projects of his large and interdisciplinary research group are related to HM coupled rock mass behavior of deep tunnels and repositories for nuclear wastes; permeability structure and heat transport in fractured rocks; and formation mechanisms and progressive failure of larger rocks slope instabilities. Many research projects involve comprehensive hydro-thermo- mechanical in-situ investigations, both at ground surface and in boreholes, with newest testing and monitoring technologies.

Simon Low is strongly linked to the private industry and public administration sectors. He acts as keynote lecturer and international expert/reviewer in the fields of deep tunnelling, geological waste disposal and rock slope instabilities. Currently he is president of the Swiss Commission for Nuclear Waste Disposal EGT and supports the Swiss Site Selection Program.

At ETH Simon Low is strongly involved in teaching, responsible for the MSc Program majoring in Engineering Geology and the Continued Education Program in Applied Earth Sciences.